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Adrian Todd Webb lives in Virginia, not far from the ocean. He likes monsters, the sunshine, and breathing air.

For the past three years he has illustrated the increasingly popular all-ages comic book series Mr Toast Comics with writer/creator/brother-from-another-mother Dan Goodsell. Prior to that he teamed up with rock star pal Robert Schneider of "The Apples in Stereo" to create Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine - a children's music project that spawned a cd, comic book, coloring book, and animated video on "Yo Gabba Gabba!"

He is the creator of the books The Goldfish and Bob, Valentine: A Cautionary Tale, and Tuesday Moon as well as the cartoon journal Casual Poet, and was a regular contributor to Nickelodeon Magazine in it's heyday.

He illustrates the online comic strips The Adventures of Danny & Mike (a monthly recap of the exploits of Michael Maronna and Daniel Tamberelli - stars of cult 90's tv show "The Adventures of Pete & Pete") for and Chance Operations (an experimental strip created using indeterminacy) for Comics Workbook Magazine, and is knee-deep in the aptly titled long form comic strip Reading War & Peace. He's created artwork for clients such as The Washington Post, United Way, JC Penney, Daytrotter and Hype Machine and worked on comics for licensed properties like "Dennis the Menace" and "The Rugrats."

Webb also performs music as Seamonster (and sometimes as Fox Hands) and exhibits his signature ink and crayon pop culture artwork regularly at the renown Gallery1988 in Los Angeles and New York - and if you bump into him in real life he will draw a picture of YOU in CRAYON for ONE DOLLAR. It's a well-known fact.

In addition to his own work, Todd also edits Nine Things Magazine online and is working to develop a print edition of the publication, which features scores of super talented creative folks from all around the world.

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