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Using the new platforms toys, Stranger and Goon, made by Flawtoys and DT Customs, the ToyHeist Custom Art Toy Exhibition featured the works of 22 European artists and customizers.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

November 29th 2013 - Concrete Gallery, Spuistraat 250, 1012 VW Amsterdam

The Artists[edit]

A Little Stranger, Bashprojects, David Stevenson, DonP, DT Customs, Eechone, Flawtoys, Godhay Toys, Haus of Boz, Hugh Rose, JC Rivera, Lisa Rae Hansen, Map Map, Mr Martin, Okkle, Paperfiction, Pixelkaiju, Planet Domu, PJ Constable, Reet Neet (R3), Run DMB, Squink, Stuart Witter, Taylored Curiosities, Tim Sprangers