Twisted Mouse Show

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Opening March 14 at PIQ is the group art show titled "Twisted Mouse", featuring, well, the infamous Mouse as twisted and re-envisioned by a slew of artists in one-of-a-kind customs figures, prints and canvases.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

March 14th 2015 - PIQ, 8 Grand Central Terminal, New York, NY

The Artists[edit]

Carson Catlin, Jeremiah Ketner, Patrick Wong, Daniel Fleres, Crummy Gummy, Dolly Oblong, Erick Scarecrow, Vincent Scala, Juan Muniz, Zard, Eric Orr, Hungry Ghosts, Scott Tolleson, Sugar Fueled, Dillon Boy, Brandon Sopinsky, SRIL, JFury, Candie Bolton, Melodreama, Tasha Zimich, Hamfx, Betso, Leecifer, Downtimer, BURN353, CrashOne, Mike Die, kHayl, TaskOne, Arkiv Vilmansa, Lou Pimentel, Lana Wharry, JC Rivera, Maximilian, ChrisRWK, Jay222