White Monsters

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Who are the 'monsters' in 'Everyday Mooonday'? Are they monsters with unusual numbers of limbs and peculiar facial features that crawl and fly in the dark? Or are they simply large grisly 'monsters'. Or are they more than that. Everyday Mooonday has presented exhibitions and events with artists focused on illustration and character art from all over. The 'monsters' in Everyday Mooonday in fact represent these unique characters created within the worlds of each and every artist. We invite all these amazing 'monsters' we have spent this year with and others from the globe. Some may be in hibernation; some may be waiting for the cold snowy winter to pass. Everyday Moonday proudly presents 40 different white monsters illuminating through the cold snow.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

January 9th - 22nd February 2015 - Everyday Mooonday Gallery, 9-17 Songpadong, Songpagu, Seoul, Korea

The Artists[edit]

Aaron Stewart, Akinori Oishi, AJ Fosik, Ana Albero, Andrea Kang, Bubi Au Yeung, Carol Liu, DEHARA, Dric, DUCOBI, Fluffy House, GFX, HAIL, Hands in Factory, Hororo, Joakim Ojanen, Jon Burgerman, Joshua Ben Longo, Kristen Liu Wong, Kyu, KYO, Logan Fitzpatrick, Mochimochi Land, Moonk, Motomichi Nakamura, Mongni Kim, Muung, NOVO, Osho Rino, Raymond Lemstra,Sonni, Stickymonger, T9G, Tado, TOiNZ, Twelvedot, Uglydoll, Victor Castillo, Yeka Haski, YG, YOMSNIL