Woot Bear Squared

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Woot Bear Squared, a 12x12 Art Exhibition featuring local Bay Area artists of various backgrounds and disciplines. Each artist has been asked to create one of kind art pieces to showcase their unique style and vision, unifying them all on a simple 12x12" square platform.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

  • July 3rd 2015 - Woot Bear, 147 Clement St., San Francisco, CA

The Artists[edit]

Colin Andersen, Dan Bunn, Daniel Fleres, Monica Garwood, Jeff Gomez, Monsta GRAF, Christina Jung, Gretchen Lewis, Anna Lorraine, Jerome Lu, Elise Mahan, Caitlin Ng, Jus Ontask, Minnie Phan, Tracy Piper, Matthew Pugh, LJ Santanello, Dean Stuart, Jess Suttner, Zachary Sweet, Jenna Trost, Hello USA, Grim Wilkins, Bantu Zuhir