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The long-awaited first and probably only vinyl figure we will ever see from the vivid imagination of Mark Ryden. It has been over 3 years in production and has gone through two different manufacturers and dozens of rejected prototypes. Saying the realization of YHWH has been a bit of a nightmare is an massive understatement!!! Sometimes persistence pays off and sometimes it pays double. YHWH is finally completed and it is everything it was intended to be and comes packaged in what is quite possibly the most beautiful, elaborate box ever produced for a vinyl toy. Necessaries Toy Foundation has been bombarded by over zealous collectors consistently for the last 8 months. Vinyl collectors are rabid that is of course no surprise, but fans of Mark Ryden are completely devoted and unrelenting in their quest for any product bearing his name and editions of his sell out within minutes on his Porterhouse website. 17" inches tall in full colour box, released in 2009. The black and white editions were released in 2010. In 2012 three more colours were released.

YHWH is the unpronounceable name of god. My YHWH represents the indefinable nature of the divine and its unspeakable mystery, which can be represented by anything from a burning bush to a three eyed bunny totem. In creating my YHWH toy edition, I strove to elevate each and every individual figure from a mass produced piece of plastic to a magical object. - Mark Ryden


  • Original - 2000 pieces
  • Black - 100 pieces
  • White - 100 pieces
  • Red - 100 pieces
  • Gold - 100 pieces
  • Blue - 100 pieces