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Created by Ashley Wood and ThreeA, Zomb is a 1:6 figure in the Adventure Kartel series, released in 2010. There were 4 head moulds created for Zomb.


  • Boiler Zomb - standard black hair
  • Boiler Zomb - standard red hair
  • Boiler Zomb - standard yellow hair
  • Shadow Zomb
  • Commander Zomb
  • Blind Oracle Zomb (in 2 pack with Mauro JC)
  • Korma Rogue Zomb (in Darklands 2 pack with Tommy Mission)
  • Fodder Zomb
  • Missionary Zomb (part of the Adventure Kartel Adventure Saturday Adventure set)
  • Terence the Intellectual's Choice Zomb (in 2 pack with Shadow Tommy Mission)
  • Zomb 2.0