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Cooper Berella (aka SuperCooper), a 12 year old artist, art collector, and supportive member of the art community, is curating his second art show at Munky King Gallery in Los Angeles. "Stop It!" opens on Saturday, September 10th, 2011 from 6pm-10pm.

The theme of the show is meant to draw awareness to bullying and cyberbullying. Cooper has confirmed over 70 artists from around the world to participate in the show. Paintings, drawings, custom toys, and prints expressing the artists' view of bullying will be on display. Part of the proceeds from the show will be donated to GLIDE (Gays and Lesbians Initiating a Dialog for Equality) and CHIME Institute (an organization dedicated to inclusive education where kids of all abilities learn together).

Dates & Address

September 10th 2011 - Munky King, 7308 Melrose Ave, 
Los Angeles, CA 90046

The Artists

100% Soft, 9-Kei, Adrienne Gates, Alexander Gwynne, Alice Koswara, Annie Rivera, Anthony Ausgang, Attaboy, Ayleen Gaspar, BabyVtec, The Beast Brothers, Beau Hufford, Bella Berella, Bert Gatchalian, Blake Barry, Brandon Smith, Brian Castleforte, Brian McCarty, Bwana Spoons, Cameron Edison, Charlotte Anderson, Cheech, Christina Cannarella, Christopher Bonnette, Cristina Paulos, Dani Bowman, Dave MacDowell, Dave Pressler, David Biederman, David Flores, David Zajdman, Donna Letterese, E O S, Eric Evans, George Gaspar, Germs, Giselle Knight, Greg Berella, Itokin Park, J Salvador, J*Ryu, J Shea, J E Moores (JEMTOY), Jarrett Nadrowski, Jay222, Jedidia, Jerome Lu, Jim Mahfood, Joe Ledbetter, Johanes Djauhari (Saltnpaper), Johnny Ryan, Josh Taylor, Joshua Herbolsheimer, Juan Muniz, KaNo, Kat Rivera, Kat Brunnegraff, Katherine Muniz, Kevin Dickson, Lap Ngo, Lauren Byrnes, Leecifer, Linda Castleforte, Lou Pimentel, Luke Chueh, Mari Inukai, Marko Zubak, Matt Hawkins, Michelle Valigura, Misha, Miss Mindy, Nao Shimojo (Danke Schoen), Paul Kaiju, Pedro Balugo, Phil Toys, Phoneticontrol, Podgypanda, Reactor-88, Rick O'Brien, Ritzy Periwinkle, Ron English, Rusty Sherrill, Ryan the Wheelbarrow, Ryon Xavier Smith, Scott Saw, Scott Tolleson, Sebastien Pablo, Shane Jessup, Shin Tanaka, Sket One, Spanky Stokes, Spencer Wilson, Steve Talkowski, Sucklord, Super Cooper Berella, Tara McPherson, Taskone, Tiernan Wilson, Toy Architects, Van Arno, Yoskay Yamamoto, Zoso