Attack of the Zliks

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This show was put together by the guys at My Plastic Heart and based around the Zliks series created by Andrew Bell. The platform was a single 19" Zlik for the artists to decorate how they please.

Dates and Address[edit]

April 20th - May 20th 2007 - My Plastic Heart, 210 Forsyth Street (Below Houston), New York, NY 10002 USA

The Artists[edit]

Andrew Bell, Kelly Denato, Doktor A, Evil Ice Cream, Luke Feldman, Jesse Hernandez, Krista Huot, Jester, Guy McKinley, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Phallic Mammary, Phetus, Scott Radke, Chris Ryniak, Shawnimals, Squidboy, Brian Taylor, Cameron Tiede and Julie West.