Back in the Day

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Back in the Day, which realises Sket One's concept of a show featuring customized childhood toy favorites, opened at L Street Gallery in San Diego during Comic-Con 2006. Presented by Wheaty Wheat Studios and Juxtapoz, Back in the Day featured a talented selection of over 30 international artists and designers.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

  • July 21st - August 21st 2006 - L Street Fine Art, 628 L Street, San Diego, CA 92101

The Artists[edit]

Tragnark, Chris Lee, Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Sara Antoinette Martin, Andrew Bell, Alex Pardee, Sket One, MAD, Jim Koch, Mimic, Tristan Eaton, AZK, Dave Persue, Huck Gee, Micheal Uman, Brian Morris, Rob Schwager, Seen, Phetus, Christan Azul, GONZO247, Frank Kozik, TADO, miQ willmOtt, THUY3, Filth, Elizabeth Berdann, Brandon Dunlap, Chris Ryniak, Cam De Leon, Zoya Cherkassky