Dreams to Dreams

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Dacosta Bayley has teamed with the Japanese American National Museum to create Dreams to Dreams, the first ever custom show to be held in a museum. Running from December 1st 2008 through January 4th 2009, the show will feature 45+ artists’ interpretations of Dacosta’s DCTO vinyl art toy (Dreams Come True Object) – a futuristic stylized version of the traditional Daruma doll. The theme for the show is expressed by Dacosta’s poem entitled Dreams to Dreams.

Dreams to Dreams

Dreams are a vision of the ideal
Visions become thoughts
Thoughts bring possibilities
Possibilities build realities
Reality is existence
To exist is to dream…

Dacosta Bayley

Dates & Address[edit]

December 1st 2008 - January 4th 2009 - Japanese American National Museum, 369 East First Street, Los Angeles, California 90012

The Artists[edit]

Amy Inouye, Angry Woebots, Barry Stephenson, Brent Nolasco, Cameron Tiede, Camilla d’Errico, Charles Hui, Charuca, Chris Conway, Dacosta Bayley, Dan Goodsell, David Svenson, Kazumi Svenson, Donna Ikkanda, Gary van der Steur, Hiroshi Yoshii, Itokin Park, Jesse Hernandez, Jester, Joel Nakamura, Judson Beaumont, Julie West, kaNO, Kazuko Shinoka (Spicy Brown), Keith Poon, Koji Takei, Leecifer, Lou Pimentel, MAD, Marilyn Frandsen, Mark Atomos, Mark Nagata, Megan Majewski, Neal Yamamoto, NEMO, Peskimo, Peter Taylor, PON, Qris Yamashita, Sachiho Hino (Spicy Brown), Scott Wetterschneider, Shawn O’Conner, Steve Rolston, Steve Talkowski, Stuart Rapeport, Trevor McKay