Eight by Eight

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The good folks of Pink Ghost bring to you the Eight By Eight show, curated by Janice and Nathan Lumm. They have compiled together a top notch roster of amazing artists to put their vision onto canvas. No themes, no guidelines, and no rules, except for the fact that the piece must be done on an 8x8 canvas.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

August 16th 2008 - Pink Ghost, 1888 Polk Street, Hollywood, FL, 33020

The Artists[edit]

Bil Betsovic, Chik, Dear Earthling, Helena Garcia, Nils Jawa, Jennyfur, Leecifer, Janice Lumm, Nathan Lumm, Miss Kika, Monster Decay, Anneli Olander, Omark Pagan, Camilo Bejarano, Lou Pimental, Pooka Machine, Reactor 88, Pachy Sarmiento, Teo Skaffa, Squidnik, Jason Van Winkle & Jeremy Van Winkle, John Lytle Wilson