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Nathan Lumm got his start as a professional artist when he moved to California, at the age of 19, and decided go after his childhood dream of working in the Comicbook Industry. Over the next ten years, he did work for various companies such as Image Comics, Marvel, DC, and Antarctic Press. At these companies, he has had the opportunity to work on many of his favourite childhood characters like Batman, Spiderman, Thor, Silver Surfer, Iron Man, and Captain America. After life changing events, Nathan decided it was time to move on and pursue a new line of work. Since that point, he has been working with Interactive Art Services in the Advertising Industry. He now works on jobs for products such as Glade, Sesame Street, Intel, Molson, and Ford. Currently based in Pompano Beach, Nathan Lumm keeps busy with the commercial assignments during the day and his own personal paintings at night. Mainly through networking over the internet, Nathan has kept quite a busy schedule this year with group shows across the country and various commissions.

Designed Toy Releases[edit]

Toy Series Participation[edit]

Customs & Show Pieces[edit]

These are one-off, or very limited, toys.