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Created by Josh Herbolsheimer and produced by Super 7. The figure stands 9" tall and is articulated at the head, arms, and legs. This collectible toy also comes with a bonus "anatomy lesson" backing card.

After an untimely meteor ended his rampage much too early, this deadly dino sunk deep into the Earth and was reborn in modern day as the unstoppable FOSSILLA! His flesh may have “crudely” sloughed from his (now exposed) bones and metamorphosed to a disgusting oily goop, but somewhere in that slop are feet that have been waiting millions of years to stomp on buildings.


  • Grey Debut
  • Prehistory
  • SSSS Exclusive
  • Raids Again - SDCC'13 exclusive
  • Unpainted GID - 2013 lucky bag exclusive
  • Clear Red - 2013 lucky bag exclusive
  • Molten Magma - Wondercon'15 exclusive