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Owen “Grimsheep” DeWitt is a native of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He currently lives and works in Waterville, Maine in the United States having followed his wife her considerably more sensible career. Owen never outgrew his childhood fascination with toys and with a little luck and a supportive online community he has managed to turn his love of toys and art into the semblance of a job. He is a toy customizer and designer whose work is influenced by comics, 80’s pop culture, and Native American art. Owen’s career path began with a creative art program in college, followed by an illustration and design program. He then worked as an illustrator for a couple of years until leaving for a more stable web designer position. Owen has participated in over 20 group shows, won several awards in customizing contests, and received the “King of the Boards” honor from Kidrobot. He has a number of production toy projects in the works and is eagerly anticipating the release of his first production designer toy.

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