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Created and produced by Munky King. Inspired by Chinese opera and Japanese Oni masks, Omi takes a traditional form and infuses it with a designer toy aesthetic. Omi’s distinct shape comes adorned with unique ears and accessories. Flip Omi upside down or sideways to create many design possibilities. Omi blurs the line between art and toys. Packaged with a frame and a removable base, collectors can hang Omi on the wall or display it on a shelf. As a 3D art piece, Omi eliminates the clutter of platform toys.

Multiples of the same design are the bane of blind box collecting. The versatility of the Omi system provides many display options, so doubles are welcome! Hang it with the Omi Frame. Plug it into the Omi Wall and display it with other Omis on polished translucent acrylic. Connect it to another Omi to form a completely new toy that balances on either end.



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