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Ritzy Periwinkle, aka Marisa Estrada is a Los Angeles based cross media visual designer with deep roots in urban art and music culture. The name Ritzy Periwinkle, a pseudonym that started amongst her and her crew, stems from "Maritza" (the way her birth name was originally supposed to be spelled) and the Crayola color, "Periwinkle". Graduating from California State University Long Beach with a fine art degree with an emphasis in graphic design, Ritzy has created designs and artwork for Dilated Peoples, Aterciopelados, Sonic Youth, Calle 13, "I Am Legend", Slick Rick, Arcade Fire and many more. With exhibitions in art and music hubs such as Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami and New York, Ritzy communicates a beautiful energy and respect for her community of women and people of color. Working in illustrations, graphics, mix media, and vinyl toys, Ritzy compliments her gritty stylistic tendencies with a positive vibe that is attributed to her eclectic influences and unique background. Ritzy Periwinkle happily mixes music and art to her own beat, bringing pure harmony to her creativity.

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