Welcome to Blamoville

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Blamo Toys is throwing their first custom toy show based on their character Billy - Welcome to Blamoville - at San Francisco's Million Fishes Gallery on November 8th and 13th. The show will then travel down to Los Angeles and be displayed at the Blamo booth during this year's Designer Con on November 21st.

Dates & Address[edit]

November 8th - 13th 2009 - Million Fishes Gallery, 2501 Bryant Street, San Francisco

The Artists[edit]

Ben Burke, Betso, Brad Isdrab, Brent Nolasco, Buzz Parker, Budahmonkey, Doyle, Drilone, Frank Callazo, Hello Brute, Jan Hilmer, Leecifer, Leighton Kelly, Lucien Shapiro, Marci Mejia, Monster Decay, Motorbot, Nice Collective, Scribe, Shrine, Spencer Hansen, Squidnik, Tony Blanchard, We Kill You, Zombiemonkie