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Studio Miners & myplasticheart are proud to present, “Works Cited”. A group show where artists were asked to draw inspiration from children’s literature.

“Stories are incredibly powerful tools – ones that teach, connect, inspire, and help us to learn about ourselves. As children, bedtime stories built our imaginations. Reading sharpened our mind’s eye as we envisioned the characters in our books. Beautifully crafted illustrations in picture books introduced us to artwork and at times served as teachers, as we recreated scenes from our favorite pages. With access to technology more readily available today, children aren’t as likely to sit down and read a book as they are to catch a snippet of a story in an online game or in a thirty second ad on television. Flexing your imagination through reading as a child is incredibly important in the development of creativity and visualization, so we are asking artists to reflect on the importance of literature in their childhoods in this upcoming group show.”

Dates & Addresses[edit]

April 11 - May 11 2014 - My Plastic Heart, 210 Forsyth St. New York, NY 10002

The Artists[edit]

Apak, Brian Butler, Evoker, Flying Fortress, Gary Ham, Michael Hsiung, Aya Kakeda, Sean Kernick, Abe Lincoln Jr., Phil Lumbang, MCA, Courtney Moy, Clams Rockefeller, Chris RWK, Paul Shih, Naoko Stoop, Tim Sullivan, Mr Walters, Smut Villain