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El Maz is no stranger to the toy world. He has created amazing custom Circus Punks, Munnys, and a Calli, just to name a few. His artistic style creates an unsettling dichotomy: on the surface everything looks ok, but then you realize something is about to go terribly wrong. While growing up in the 80's, Maz was fed a steady diet of cartoons, video games, graffiti, advertisements, and carrots. He is currently obsessed with altering and destroying as many vintage ladies as possible as he is a renowned cougar hunter in California. Though in his free time apart from the painting, sexing, and huffing paint fumes, he likes to have candle lit dinners, long walks on beaches at sunset, cooking gourmet meals and shaving kittens. A fan of outlandish bullshit, El Maz has flown to the moon on his limited edition rocket powered Labbit customs. How you ask? El Maz is only two inches tall so any work of art is comparable to a wall mural.

Designed Toy Releases

Toy Series Participation

  • Gwin - 2.5" Series 2, Tree, 400 pieces, 2006

Customs & Show Pieces