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30+ talented artists dropped their talents on custom Munnys and then donated them to the Save Huck Show and Online Auction at MODA3. The show was in aid of Huck Gee's defence legal fees as he was facing deportation.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

  • February 17 2006 - Moda3 320 East Buffalo Street, Milwaukee WI 53202

The Artists[edit]

Adrian Lopez, Andrew Bell, PhuEk, Eros 168, PlaysKewl, Dragon Cypher, El Maz, Epochalypse, MCA, Phetus, Harry Oh, Lindsey Lyne, Hazeltherabbit, HONK, Jason Jacenko, Kathie Olivas, Kid 9, LIV3R, MAD, Jacob Hiatt, Nathan Fox, Scotty Gee, Peskimo, Von Munz, Doktor A, Sket One and Jesse Hernandez, Elizabeth Berdann (blu), Andy Jones, Jay Hobart, Joey Potts, Tragicmagichead, Pleatherface, Vichit Hong