The Omi Show

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Munky King presents “The Omi Show,” the inaugural exhibition to launch our first platform toy, Omi. Display your custom Omi alongside your fellow artists on 100 acrylic Omi Walls as part of a colossal installation. Besides being up in our gallery, your Omi will also be posted online for all the world to see. Prizes will be awarded for different categories!

Dates & Addresses[edit]

December 11th 2010 - Munky King, 7308 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

The Artists[edit]

Marina Post, BALD, Sano, Freehand Profit, David Coffman, Randy Kono, Mauricio Murillo, Krazy Kai, Emiko & Sano, Joby Cummings, Alfie Numeric, Heather Walters, Scottoons, Tibong, Sense, Valleydweller, X Con, Mr Monk, Alex Empty, Allison Revilla, Mephisto, Scott Belcastro, Brian Szabelski, Rusted Halo, Michael Gulen, Jennifer Bourne, Traffik, Healing Mercy, Gyokko, Pedro Balugo, Dan Goodsell, Daniel Zaug, Mr Walters, Jay222, Jamie Noguchi, Ana Castaneda, Chris O Saur, Misha, Chad Carothers, Howie Green, Leann Pomavill, Keiko Meowkami, Reactor88, Mari Inukai, Jason Anthony, Kate Brown, Rocom, Jackson Crites, Nathan Mejia, Anthony Ausgang, Anthony Rivera, JNGL, Marty M Ito, Sam De Jesus, Sick Man of Asia, Flo Yuen, Eman Azrak, Madman, Charlton, Vonmunster, Riser, Malo April, Voltaire, Task1, Dark Bella, Cody Schibi, Nathan Hamill, Catherine Cruz, Kool Skull, Jason Han, Urban Medium, David Zajdman, Isabel Manimbo, Steve Talkowski, Adam Greeley